Fujiko Rose


I particularly like using the concept of contrast as a starting point for my work. Manmade structure paired with nature, east meets west, old against new, I found that using a scheme really helps me to pick apart and recompose a scene. Typically I work with black Indian ink for a few reasons, black and white as a colour scheme can be very modern and still echo the moods of old photographs and etchings. As a medium it also allows for a wide variety of mark making as you can draw very fine details as well as paint with it.
After leaving school I began experimenting with different types of work and trying to find my own styles of art. I chose to follow two routes and have been setting myself up as both a fine and decorative artist at Zanshin Studio (a co-set up surface design studio for interiors). My interests have always been broad, history, architecture, nature, design and I’ve found fine and decorative art have been a way for me to channel these fascinations and subsequently my art has become a catalogue of subjects I love and enjoy.