Craig Hepworth

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Portraying the human figure and the space it occupies interests me. I have always had an analytical approach to mark making having also been trained in technical drawing. Whilst at Blackpool & Fylde college I was exposed to the Euston Road approach to measured drawing and went on to explore this further during my degree at Coventry University. Drawing on the works of William Coldstream and especially Euan Uglow as inspiration. Recently my approach to mark making has started to explore abstraction - how much information is needed for the work to still be read as a figure?

In 2014 I began to dedicate more time to drawing and began documenting the faces of locals in various Tooting cafés and bars. Using biro in a small Moleskine sketchbook due to its unforgiving nature. My subjects are unaware they are being drawn so capturing the constant movement in biro is definitely a challenge. Cropping in close on the face offers the viewer a window into the experience of the subject, reflecting a moment caught in time and themes of isolation. These drawings reignited my passion and I found a life drawing group where I could continue to grow my practice.

The art of draughtsmanship is central to my approach, achieved through observation, excavation and editing. Integrally a visceral connection with the page through the medium. The intention not of drawing a figure as such, but a collection of forms and shapes that all fit together, sometimes reminiscent of architectural drawings, a manifestation of the relationship between the subject and the room.

“I want the brain to intervene between the observation and the mark”

Euan Uglow

Previous exhibitions:
Roy’s People Art Fair, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, London : 4th - 7th April 2019
Tooting Market, Tooting Broadway, London : 20th November - 20th December 2018
Pancakes & Booze, The Underdog Gallery, Southwark, London : 10th November 2018
Roy’s People Art Fair, Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, London : 1 - 4th November 2018
‘Pinky.Perky’ First Floor Space, Croydon :31st May - 10th June 2018
‘That Old Chestnut’ Sprout Arts, Furzedown, London : 23rd January - 3rd February 2018
‘PLACES | FACES’ First Floor Space, Croydon : 17th January - 21st January 2018
‘LOVE2SKETCH : Group Exhibition’ The Selkirk, Tooting : Permanent display